Automating Schema Changes at SendGrid

May 7, 2019

SendGrid’s Data Operations team recently rearchitected their MySQL schema change process. Their goal: safely empower the company’s individual engineering teams to manage their own schema changes, without requiring DBA intervention. Skeema is a key component of their new design.

By configuring Skeema to use pt-online-schema-change and then wrapping it in a BuildKite CI pipeline, SendGrid engineers now enjoy a safe self-service process for schema changes – even for very large tables. To learn more about SendGrid’s new system, check out their recent blog post.

Interested in implementing a similar system at your company? A couple paths are available to you:

Rolling your own

By combining the open source Skeema CLI with a CI/CD system of your choice, you can build your own pipeline that integrates with your existing architecture. If you need a hand with implementation or custom development, consulting services are available directly from Skeema’s author.

Skeema Cloud Linter

Our official CI product, Skeema Cloud Linter, can be enabled on GitHub repos with just a few clicks! Learn more here.