DB AMA video session with live demos

August 4, 2020

Join Skeema’s creator, Evan Elias, for a video discussion on August 11 at 8am PT! The session is part of the DB AMA series, and will include live demos and Q&A.

Database ask-me-anything

Learn new tricks with the Skeema CLI, see the GitHub integration in action, and ask anything you’d like about Skeema’s functionality or roadmap.

The conversation will be held via Google Meet. If you can’t attend the live session, a recording will be available afterwards.

Update: The recording is now available on YouTube. Be sure to browse the other excellent DB AMA sessions as well!

Other Skeema news

  • The CLI’s release cadence has been following a pattern of new patch releases every 1 to 2 months this year. Recent patch releases have improved support for compression, partitioning, encrypted connections, fulltext index parsers, and more. The latest releases of MySQL 8 and MariaDB 10.5 are now supported as well. To upgrade to the latest version, simply replace the skeema binary – no other steps are necessary.

  • Mac users can now obtain Skeema using Homebrew by simply running brew install skeema/tap/skeema. This installation method also completely avoids problems with the quarantine bit in MacOS Catalina.

  • Skeema’s GitHub integration will be graduating out of beta into GA release later this month. Beta users who submit feedback on the product will receive a yearlong discount code.

To keep up with the latest Skeema announcements, be sure to follow @skeema_io on Twitter!