New online command reference

November 24, 2020

Skeema’s documentation has received a major overhaul, including a brand new command reference.

Online documentation

Historically, all of Skeema’s documentation lived in markdown files co-located with the source code repo. This month, we embarked on a project to move the docs here to the website, where they’re easier to browse and navigate.

As part of this migration, we’ve also introduced a new online command reference guide. This doc includes all of the text from the --help commands of Skeema’s CLI in one convenient web-accessible location. Most importantly, the option list for each command links through to the corresponding entries in the option reference, and vice versa, making it much easier to cross-reference the information you need.

Skeema v1.4.6 released

Speaking of documentation, Skeema CLI v1.4.6 is now available! This point release includes a few ease-of-use improvements, including --help output which categorizes options into groups, just like the new online command reference.

Other Skeema news

  • Skeema Cloud Linter for GitHub recently graduated out of beta and is now generally available! This SaaS system provides automatic linting and diffing on every commit, including inline annotations on pull requests. If your company stores database schemas in GitHub repos, Skeema Cloud Linter makes it easy to follow best practices, and saves you time during code review.

  • Development has begun on an enhanced Premium edition of the Skeema CLI. Initial planned features include support for AWS Aurora, native Windows exe, triggers, and views. Later releases may add SSH bastions, SSL certs, and lower-level plumbing commands for use in custom automation.

  • A beta build of the native Windows exe version of the CLI will be ready by mid-December. The beta will be available to Skeema Cloud Linter paid subscribers and Index Hint LLC database consulting service clients upon request.

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