Announcing the Premium CLI

July 1, 2021

We are pleased to announce the release of the Premium edition of the Skeema CLI, with support for views, triggers, AWS Aurora, native Windows build, and more!

Premium CLI features

The Premium CLI includes all of the functionality of the open source Community edition Skeema CLI, and adds several important feature enhancements.

Views and triggers

Users love Skeema’s seamless pure-SQL infrastructure-as-code approach to development, code review, and deployment, but have often requested support for more object types. Our open source CLI supports management of tables and routines (procs/funcs), but ignores all other types of database objects.

With the Premium CLI, users finally can manage view definitions (CREATE VIEW) and trigger definitions (CREATE TRIGGER) in all Skeema commands! You can diff, push, pull, and lint your views and triggers, just like tables and routines. New configurable linter rules allow you to apply automated guardrails and enforce company policies.

AWS Aurora

Although AWS Aurora is quite similar to vanilla MySQL, it has some internal differences that effectively make it a separate fork. And since there isn’t a free version of Aurora, it isn’t possible to include it in the open source integration test suite of the Community edition Skeema CLI. As a result, some Aurora incompatibilities are present in the Community edition, preventing diff operations on certain tables.

The Premium CLI includes logic to automatically detect when the database flavor is AWS Aurora, and adjusts its behavior accordingly to fix any incompatibilities. Our rigorous integration test suite for the Premium CLI includes full coverage of Aurora 5.6 and 5.7, ensuring complete compatibility.

Windows 10 build

While the Community edition of the Skeema CLI is available for Linux and MacOS, it cannot be built on Windows due to a number of Unix-isms in the codebase. The Premium edition fixes these problems and provides a native Windows 10 version of the CLI. This includes proper colorized output; handling for shell-out options (e.g. alter-wrapper) via PowerShell; Windows-specific global config file paths; and numerous internal fixes to work properly with Windows-style volume and file paths.

Linux package manager repos

To aid in automated installation on Linux, we offer secure package repositories for the Premium CLI. This allows you to install or upgrade Skeema using apt-get, yum, dnf, or zypper in a single command.

Upcoming features

The Premium CLI’s roadmap includes a number of additional planned improvements: new hook points, DEFINER stripping, SSH tunnels, client-side SSL certs, RDS IAM auth, JSON output mode, additional workspace types, and more!

Available now

Starting today, you may sign up for a Skeema Plus monthly subscription, purchased by credit card with no annual commitment. One subscription covers your entire company, with no limit on users / seats.