Download Skeema CLI

Community Edition

The latest version of the Skeema CLI is v1.10.0, released on 25 April 2023.

Release notes and previous versions are available on GitHub.

The CLI is a single native binary that just needs to be placed in a directory in your $PATH. For a walkthrough, see the installation guide.

skeema_1.10.0_mac_amd64.tar.gzmacOS, Intel 64-bit, no package manager
skeema_1.10.0_mac_arm64.tar.gzmacOS, Apple Silicon (ARM 64-bit), no package manager
skeema_1.10.0_linux_amd64.tar.gzLinux, Intel/AMD 64-bit, no package manager
skeema_1.10.0_linux_arm64.tar.gzLinux, ARM 64-bit, no package manager
skeema_amd64.debLinux, Intel/AMD 64-bit, DEB package
skeema_amd64.rpmLinux, Intel/AMD 64-bit, RPM package
skeema_amd64.apkLinux, Intel/AMD 64-bit, APK package
skeema_arm64.debLinux, ARM 64-bit, DEB package
skeema_arm64.rpmLinux, ARM 64-bit, RPM package
skeema_arm64.apkLinux, ARM 64-bit, APK package

Premium Edition

Skeema Premium CLI customers, please log in to the premium download portal to continue.