Cloud Linter

Skeema Cloud Linter is a continuous integration system for MySQL and MariaDB. It automatically analyzes every git push to your GitHub schema repo, providing inline annotations for common problems in your SQL table definitions.

Cloud Linter annotation example Cloud Linter PR comment example

Cloud Linter is designed to be the perfect companion to the open source Skeema CLI. By supporting a pull request workflow for schema changes, your company can review and deploy table definitions the same way you manage application source code. Cloud Linter provides configurable guardrails to ensure tables match company policies, giving developers instant feedback on their proposed schema changes.

After each git push, Cloud Linter will scan your schema repo’s *.sql files for CREATE TABLE, CREATE PROCEDURE, and CREATE FUNCTION statements that have been changed in the commit. Each modified object is checked for common problems, such as:

  • SQL syntax errors
  • Duplicate indexes
  • Lack of PRIMARY KEY
  • Problematic character sets
  • Deprecated storage engines
  • AUTO_INCREMENT overflow risks

Several additional optional checks provide the ability to flag any use of database features that you wish to avoid, such as foreign keys or stored procedures. In total, the system supports a dozen configurable rules.

Getting started

Cloud Linter is a SaaS GitHub integration. It does not access your database servers; all behavior operates on your schema repo alone. The application just needs read-only access to your schema repo contents, and a few other permissions in order to comment on pull requests or update commit statuses.

You can sign up on GitHub in just a few clicks. After authorizing the integration on your GitHub account, you will be prompted to select which user/org to enable it on, followed by which repos.


Price depends only on GitHub account type. There’s no limit to the number of repositories, public or private.

Personal accounts

Individual (non-corporate) GitHub user accounts may use the system free of charge.


14 day free trial, with no payment information required upfront. Afterwards pay only $59 USD/month, or save 8% with a $649 USD annual plan. One subscription covers your entire organization, with unlimited users and unlimited repositories.

GitHub Enterprise

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