Cloud Linter: Documentation


Cloud Linter uses an identical configuration system to the skeema command-line tool. In brief:

  • Each directory may optionally have a .skeema configuration file, formatted using an ini-like syntax similar to MySQL’s own configuration format.

  • Values set in a directory apply to that directory, and also cascade down to subdirectories. Subdirectories can override individual key/value pairs if desired.

  • will use values configured for the production environment. This means any configuration at the top of the .skeema file (before any [section]) will apply, as will anything in the [production] section.

A complete Skeema configuration guide is available, along with an options reference.


Will a copy of my schema repo be stored on your servers?

We do not retain or persist any repositories beyond the brief time required to perform lint and diff operations – typically under 30 seconds per git push.

Do I need to setup or use GitHub Actions to use this system?

No, it does not interact with GitHub Actions in any way at this time.

Are private repos supported?


Is GitHub Enterprise supported?

A self-host offering with GHE support is currently being tested. Please reach out to express interest.

Can I use Cloud Linter with other code platforms such as Bitbucket or GitLab?

Not currently, although platform-agnostic self-host alternatives are being planned.

Are mono-repos (mixing application code with schema definitions) supported?

Generally yes, but it depends on repo size. If the mono-repo is excessively large or takes too long to clone, Cloud Linter will reject it with an error. In this case, please use a separate repo for storing your schema definitions.