Skeema is a schema management system for MySQL and MariaDB. It enables management of table definitions and schema changes in a declarative fashion using pure SQL.


Skeema command-line tool

To download and install the open source Skeema CLI tool, please see the download page.

To upgrade from an older release, simply follow the same instructions as for a fresh install.

Skeema Cloud Linter

Skeema Cloud Linter provides automatic correctness-checking of Skeema-related commits in GitHub repos. It is an optional companion to the Skeema CLI. Cloud Linter is a SaaS tool, meaning there’s nothing to install; the software runs entirely in the cloud. To enable it, simply authorize the GitHub integration on the desired account and repos.

Cloud Linter is completely free for individual accounts. Organization accounts receive a 14-day free trial, with no contact information or payment information required upfront.


Getting startedUsage examples and screencasts
RequirementsSupported database versions, required privileges, database features, and edge cases
WorkflowRecommended flow from development to production deployments
Config guideOption handling, config file format, and command-line option usage
Command referenceUsage instructions for each command in the Skeema CLI
Option referenceDetailed information on every Skeema option
FAQFrequently asked questions about Skeema CLI