Docs: Commands: update

Usage: skeema update [<options>]

Downloads the latest version of Skeema Premium CLI for your machine’s OS and architecture, and installs it by overwriting your previous skeema binary. For backup/downgrade purposes, the previous binary will still be retained, with a version suffix appended to its name.

If your copy of Skeema Premium CLI is already the latest version, no action is taken.

This command is intended only for manual use on desktop systems. On Linux, a package manager should be used instead of this command in most situations.

Depending on where Skeema has been installed, you may need to use sudo when executing this command. Since root often has a restricted $PATH, supply a full binary path, for example: sudo /usr/local/bin/skeema update

This command is only available in Skeema Premium CLI, beginning in v1.7.0.

Global Options

helpDisplay usage information for the specified command
versionDisplay program version