Docs: Installation

The Skeema command-line interface (CLI) tool is available as an open source Community edition, as well as an enhanced paid Premium edition. See the feature comparison to learn more.

We also offer an optional companion SaaS tool, Skeema Cloud Linter, which provides a Continuous Integration (CI) flow for schema repos on GitHub.

Skeema CLI: Community edition

The Community edition of the Skeema CLI is completely free and open source, and is available for Linux and MacOS. It can be compiled from source, or it can be downloaded as a prebuilt binary in several formats. The CLI is a single native binary that just needs to be placed in your $PATH. You may download it directly, or follow our Community CLI installation guide for a tutorial.

Skeema CLI: Premium edition

The Premium edition of the Skeema CLI is available for Linux, MacOS, and Windows. Customers gain access to our Premium Download Portal immediately upon starting a paid subscription. We also offer secure Linux package management repositories for installation with apt-get, apk, yum, dnf, or zypper. Follow our Premium CLI installation guide to learn more.

Skeema Cloud Linter

Skeema Cloud Linter is a SaaS product which provides automatic diff and lint output for Skeema-related commits in GitHub repos. It is an optional companion to any edition of the Skeema CLI, and can be installed with just a few clicks. See our Cloud Linter installation guide to learn more.