Docs: Installation: Premium CLI

The Premium edition of the CLI extends Skeema’s functionality. For more information, see the feature comparison.

The installation process for the Skeema Premium CLI consists of these steps:

  1. Configure your company’s secret API token in an env variable or config file.
  2. Download the software using your company’s unique download URLs and install the Premium edition skeema binary. You may download a compressed archive directly on any OS. We also offer secure repos for several popular Linux package managers: apt-get, yum, dnf, zypper, apk.
  3. If your company is upgrading from the Community edition to the Premium edition of the Skeema CLI for the first time, use skeema pull to update your repo to include views, triggers, and more.

Whenever a new version of the Premium CLI is released, you can update in a single command by running skeema update on any OS, or by using a supported Linux package manager.

Skeema Premium customers may access Premium CLI installation guides for Linux, MacOS, and Windows in our Premium Download Portal. These guides include customized (company-specific) information on each of the above steps, with complete examples that you can copy-and-paste in your terminal to easily set up your secret API token, download and install the software, and configure Linux package manager repos. You can also invite additional coworkers to the Premium Download Portal as needed.

If your company is not yet a Premium customer, and you have questions about the product, payment/subscription flow, or installation/upgrade process, please reach out and we will be happy to assist!