Docs: Installation: Premium CLI

The Premium edition of the CLI extends Skeema’s functionality. For more information, see the feature comparison.

Upgrading from Community to Premium

The premium CLI can be installed by direct download or via package manager. It replaces your previous Community Edition (open source) skeema binary. You can run skeema version to check which edition is in your $PATH.

If you wish to manage views and/or triggers, and you use a non-superuser for Skeema’s connections, you may need to grant CREATE VIEW, SHOW VIEW, and TRIGGER privileges to Skeema’s user. Read more in the requirements doc.

After initial installation of the Premium binary, run skeema pull once to update these aspects of your schema repo:

  • Export CREATE VIEW statements to filesystem; see extended documentation
  • Export CREATE TRIGGER statements to filesystem; see extended documentation
  • For AWS Aurora users, the flavor option will update to either “aurora:5.6” or “aurora:5.7” appropriately
  • The generator option value will automatically be updated to track state

This step is only needed the very first time you use the Premium edition. Be sure to properly commit these changes in your schema repo. Please note this step is recommended even if you’re not using views, triggers, or Aurora.

All Premium CLI licenses are site licenses (no limit on “seats” / employee count), and you should generally run the same edition and version throughout your company. Using a mix of Community and Premium may be problematic, since Premium contains features not present in Community.